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April 2015 Archives

Watch Out for Underprepared Witnesses in Litigation

Most witnesses, even seasoned experts, enter trial with a clear story and narrative in their head. However, after the lengthy questioning of direct examination, the scrutiny of opposing counsel under cross-examination, and the pressure of the witness box, many expert witnesses can have their testimony broken down into confusing mush.

Items to Consider When Buying or Selling Real Estate

Whether you're contemplating the purchase or sale of a commercial real estate property, there are many different issues that you should consider before you open or close escrow. In an ideal situation, you will retain a real estate attorney from the outset of the negotiations to highlight some of these important issues. In addition to communicating with the various parties involved (e.g., lenders, brokers, city officials), good legal counsel will:

Factors to Consider Before Filing a Lawsuit

While litigation and the courts are a great way to regain losses, potential clients should be prepared for a fight. Before any action is filed, an attorney should review the case to discuss what legal bases the client has for the claim, the client's likelihood of recovery, and the client's chances of prevailing. In addition to this, clients should consider several other factors before filing of the lawsuit.

Beware of Unexpected Delays in Unlawful Detainer Proceedings

Unlawful detainers are already fraught with procedural pitfalls and now due to budget cuts and an increase in "pro per" litigants, landlords face additional delays and difficulties in removing tenants that refuse to pay. The old saying "time is money" holds especially true in unlawful detainers where the amount of time a property sits with an unpaying tenant directly impacts the owner's bottom line.

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